I am a working director with over thirty years experience directing both regionally and in New York. I have attended countless auditions and can tell you what directors and casting directors are looking for and help you to avoid the mistakes that so many actors make.  I will help you hone your material and get you the jobs you want.    

I can help you prepare for:  musical theatre auditions, sides auditions, performing arts middle school/high school/college auditions, and monologue auditions. 

Not in New York: No problem.  I can coach you via SKYPE. My SKYPE addy is ljosepher

To set up an appointment please email me at: 


"I really enjoyed Laura’s teaching method. She taught me how to learn my piece super quickly, so I could focus on practicing my acting skills. Also, she gave me a lot of support. If I got something incorrect, she’d go over it a lot with me. She always did what was best for ME. She never pushed me to be anyone I’m not.  She didn’t focus on getting into the school, but on having this as a fun learning experience. Plus, thanks to Laura's guidance, I got the call-back!" 
~Océane (age 10)

"Laura focuses on the process, which in turn makes for a more effective and truthful performance.   Instead of getting caught up in the craze of memorizing the text and spitting it out, we really dove into the text’s meaning. It is very clear that she is passionate about theatre and directing, and the bright energy she brings into the studio helps make the process the best part of the performance." 
~Gaby M (age 18 )